a big hello to all the fashionistas out there! my name is caroline and i like to consider myself the biggest fashionista of all. but don't we all?

after spending countless hours googling the best places to shop at while i was on vacation and only getting search results for local malls with the same ol boring stores, i decided hey why not solve my own problem? and create a site for fellow fashionistas with the deets about the good shopping. on this site you'll be able to find out about where to go and where not to go, plus my commentary on the stores i stumble into!
 of course, since i'm only 18 and live in oh so beautiful Los Angeles, most of posts will be about... well California.  but since I am going to be a world traveler by the end of the summer and then moving to the sweet and southern Savannah, Georgia for college i will have a larger array of places i'll be posting about.

if you have any suggestions or would like to work with me and write about your local cities/towns/whatever, shoot me an email at legitfashion.blogspot.com for an application!

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